Are you interested in buying or selling a  used or rare book about physical education, sports, the Olympics  or athletics?

This web site provides an avenue for individuals to sell used, collectible and rare books on sports and physical education to students, historians, collectors, libraries, and academic institutions.

You will find text books on: physical education, kinesiology, human kinetics, exercise science, recreation, the Olympics, history, sociology, philosophy and psychology of sports, organization and administration, research and measurement, curriculum, athletic training and coaching.

Regarding sports – you will find books on:archery, athletics, badminton, baseball, basketball, boating. bowling, boxing, canoeing, cross country running, dance, football, gymnastics, skiing, alpine skiing, nordic skiing.  hockey, kayaking,   racquetball, rugby,  soccer, softball, tennis, track and field, wrestling,  weight lifting and rowing.

The books you may be considering throwing away may be the “Gem” someone is looking for.  Sometimes the older the book, the more rare and valuable it is.


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